Some people Just dont get it .... some do

Tuesday, December 22, 2009
Phillip Bloom has once again put up one of his "test footage" pieces, and once again his "tests" are like little works of art. He gets it. He gets why people are so excited by the new cameras. Unlike the the guys who sit in a room with charts and scopes and 57" monitors looking at one pixel at a time, he shoots real footage with his camera. Not only is the footage pretty, it also has meaning and is well thought out. Will his footage look as good as something shot on a camera that cost ten times as much. No but it wont look ten time worse either, and that's the point. In the photo circles there is a constant debate between the pixel peepers and those who shoot.Some times, I think the pixel peepers are just looking for ways to justify to their selves why they spent the money on their gear. Aliasing, chromatic aberrations and artifacting will always take a back seat to stunning images and involving story.

Cheers to Phillip Bloom for getting out of the warm studio and out into the frigid streets of Prauge and testing the way a camera should be tested.


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